Beyond Jupiter's Eye

by Andy O. + Weighn

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Beyond Jupiter's Eye (c) 2016

The second release by Andy O. & Weighn, Beyond Jupiter's Eye, takes the listener on a short and intense journey through The Storm in search of The Righteous Man. The multi-faceted narrative plays with the idea of tempestuous weather as metaphor, calling upon the largest planetary storm in our solar system (the Great Red Spot on the fifth planet, Jupiter) to stand in as the ultimate symbol for what ails mankind. Sometimes it's going on around you, sometimes inside you, sometimes it feels like you're weathering it alone, and sometimes it feels like it's big enough to engulf the entire planet--but everybody is dealing with a storm of one kind or another.

Special Thanks: Clev Speech
Lyrics by Andy O.
“Fine Tooth Comb” Lyrics by Andy O., Clev Speech, Zero
Produced by Andy O. & Weighn Beats
“1-800-OUTRO” Produced by Andy O.
Executive Producer: Weighn Beats

Beats by Weighn:


released November 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Andy O. Boise, Idaho

Andy O. uses his home and his past experiences living in Boise to color his subject matter, also borrowing from and integrating elements of Slug of Atmosphere’s intense self-scrutiny, Aesop Rock’s wordy and bizarre patterns and flow, and Sage Francis’s impassioned, poetic verses. His freshman album with Boise producer Weighn, titled "I Never Went to Summer Camp", debuted in Fall of 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Fair Weather Family (Rework)
I once heard that the righteous man is beset on all sides
By the inequities of selfish and tyrannical men,
And at the pulp, that ain’t fiction, cuz the tempest we exist in
Sprung from avarice that saturates environments,
And now we’re asking why the bird song emanates from the cage,
But never why the caged bird was caged in the first place.
Sometimes it’s more than just a case of the Mondays,
And other days I just need a blunt.
Now, there be days I break and flake on gettin’ up
To wallow in the cotton, cuz I fought and lost,
And I’m lonelier than Lucifer.
‘I allude to her to mark the solace and chaos
Co-existing in the eye of the Eye of Jupiter,
And if you trip because they get your coffee order wrong,
While the biggest storm in this solar orbit rages on,
You won’t notice: even interstellar weather never last forever,
And that definition is what’s risen from erosion.

There’s a storm going on outside no man escapes from and
You will lose some, but you will gain others,
And if you make it out the other side alive,
You will walk among the stars Beyond Jupiter’s Eye

The road to Hell is paved with damned good intentions, if I say so myself;
We never mean to hurt the ones we do.
They usually never mean to hurt us too.
I see subliminal victims, addicted, thick in a system, and stuck.
That don’t excuse malicious actions and thoughts,
It serves to signify the scale of the storm--we’ve all been rained on,
We’ve felt the weight that rains from Jupiter’s eye,
And hoped alone for days that lie in wait beyond,
And now I know that one glass of wine is fine, but five’s better.
Fair weather family rob each other over cheddar.
Vendettas worm their way inside our nightmares,
And permanently nest there, and give birth to your worst fears,
And now I’m screamin’ that we gotta kill this atmosphere
If we ever expect to explore the universe.
Boys of like ilk are destined to become men,
The caveat is they must walk through Hell first.


I see an end to this storm planetside, and now I find myself
Reaching for the stars with every fiber of my being,
And seeing that this tree sap stains our wooden furniture,
A hurricane of blades now adopts divine meaning,
And I’m bleeding still today, but I consider that a victory,
Despite the fact the marriage of relief and guilt now sits in me,
Cuz who’s to say that I deserve escape from the litany
Of elements affecting scores of innocents with misery?
I see the forest for its facets and inhabitants,
Conflicted whether Wolf should eat and orphan Brer Rabbit’s kids,
Cuz that’s how it happens--it’s a perfect world for masochists,
Gluttons eat the hungry and pretend they’re not the savages.
The Eye of Jupiter is shrouded in terror,
It rages on the outside and warps the interior,
It swirls and whirls inclement, violent and intense,
So it helps to have the mindset that there’s beauty in these scars.

Track Name: Event Horizon
The truth is the righteous man don’t exist,
I run with Jules of Wisdom con Vince(‘d) this is simply just the way it is,
Cuz it was us who started up this storm.
We seem to finger focal points external damned
cuz “we don’t cause harm, no we argue over why the caged bird sings!”
But fuck that, we ain’t settin’ the caged bird free,
“It looks like somebody here’s got a case of the Mondays,”
Fuck this shit man, I need a cigarette!
Are you addicted yet?
I need porn, I need speed, I need the tube, I need a drink,
But really who’s to blame but me?
--and who’s to blame but US?--
When these families eat their children just to save a couple bucks?
And as long as the barista gets the coffee order perfect,
We won’t trip over shit that don’t affect us in person.
Nah, we’ll drink these rivers dry,
and if our thirst does not diminish,
We’ll just find another motherfuckin’ planet when we’re finished.

There’s a storm going on outside no man escapes from,
And most are so complacent they won’t turn around and face it
And they they tell us that the limit is the sky,
As we barrel toward the point of no return,
Past the event horizon.

I hope you know the road to Hell is paved with legislation,
Cuz it ain’t murder if it’s legal and it furthers our agendas.
Intrinsic volition has driven missing any vision from the human condition--
Except the naked ape’s greed.
Mal-intent’s impetus, that’s a common seed,
And now it blooms to manifest this reality surrounding me,
And yeah we all get rained on (stupid),
The definition’s pretty clear when trickle down is our official position, but yo
One glass of whiskey ain’t enough,
Cuz fuck it, if my family rob me of my dosh then I’d rather be drunk.
“Best believe I’ll confront a holy brother over shit we both
don’t really need cuz I’m a cold motherfucker!”
I gotta get the hell off this rock,
Cuz the atmosphere we breath has become an industrial fart,
But the problem is: I can’t afford a spaceship,
While the powerful that rape the world will be the first to escape it.


“I see an end to this world in sight, so buckle up,
Cuz we’re headed to the stars to see what we might rustle up--
Yo this is big business boy, this is many money--
I mean I swing my blade for God, and am bestowed divine luxury! Yes!
And if they bleed in His name that’s a victory!
I’ll do what I see fit with this land that God hath given me!
I believe in what I want and I put the BIG in bigotry!
Fish don’t have feelings so the serfs were meant for misery!
And yeah, I see the forest for its resources,
You see me tend to my sheep, but I’m a wolf in shepherd’s clothing,
But that’s how it goes, it’s a glorious role
For us first-world, rich, straight, white males, cuz oh!
The Eye of Jupiter is my creation--
A strip-mining Frankenstein that runs industrial nations--
I give a shit how I get all the bounty in my grip,
Cuz everybody fuckin’ dies, but I deserve to die rich!”

Track Name: The Eye
Sometimes I feel like I’m the righteous man,
Sometimes I feel like I’m the weak,
Sometimes I share a plate with demons when I sleep--
The morning mirror, brushing teeth,
The face that’s staring back at me
Is still mine--but I think I broke the mind that rides behind it.
I’m a fried circuit board wired up with nerves,
Plus a CPU that can’t compute what this life is worth.
I guess the lesson’s that perspective is leveraged
By the few that see their bowling alley drinks as reflective of heaven
(or the dude’s Zen Buddhist approach),
But I am plagued by the rage that boils and festers through the course of the day,
I feel the frustration of a fucking life wasted,
Cultivating paper cuts to make this other fuck some paper.
I feel the shame of being human eating tuna products.
I feel the shame of white privilege--that’s just being honest.
I feel shame at being me when I see squandered promise,
So I crumple up, surrounded by the storm,
Infected by my thoughts.

Still waters run deep, and it’s quiet in the eye of the storm,
No one here but myself reflecting on
All the things that I’ve done, and the person I’ve become,
And I wonder how the hell I’m supposed to weather this storm.

Still waters run deep, and it’s quiet in the eye of the storm,
No one here but myself reflecting on
All the things that I’ve done, and the person I’ve become,
And I wonder if there’s hope for those warped by the storm.

Have you ever felt like a caged fucking animal?
Ever stared into face of madness and smiled?
Ever taken a life? Lived one, or even tried?
Ever felt insane with burning rage inside?
I’m not surprised we failed at turning out how our parents expected,
Cuz everybody’s fucking crazy, just refusing to accept it--
Eyes ajar, set wide in fear, feeling feral--
A warrior’s honor doesn’t matter when machines kill heroes, yo,
Let this hit your ear hole: I’m not my fuckin’ khakis,
Or the contents of my wallet--so leave me the fuck alone,
I just wanna be hermit, but I’m infected like the boar
Whose godly spirit births a demon--I side with Mononoke
If I side with any folks--they mostly focus on the bullshit.
So I sit alone and watch the storm clouds roll in,
Me, myself, and I, in the eye of the storm,
Filled with endless hate and rage
And no one else to place this blame upon.

Track Name: A Walk Among The Stars (Monologue)
I have those days
where I’d like to evaporate
into a brass landscape,
So Krush & Kondo get the play
--I got Ki-Oku on my brain--
But it’s those “Blade Runner Blues”
in the soundtrack to my existence;
I play the part of an artist starved of heart and paid a pittance.
Now ain’t that the pits!
Time is currency, so is life--
And sometimes I wonder if
I’ve been spending mine right.
I see these other people all concerned with other people
while I paint a sad little tree, sitting alone at my easel.
Now I dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing--it just is.
What a thought: what if that was how the hominid yarn were thread--
But it isn’t.
Conditions are inclement, inside and out.
Like the massive eye of a gaseous giant, winds whine and howl,
Corrosive acid pelts down, and erosion changes terrain.
This world shaped by violence don’t deny its victims pain.
But I harbor ardent hope we’ll see an end to these tempests,
And against the loss and scars that we’ll depart with more than we went in with.
That we’ll elevate with gentle grace, and sail into the sky,
Where we will walk among the stars
Beyond Jupiter’s Eye.
Track Name: Fine Toothed Comb (ft. Clev Speech, ZERO)
Andy O.:
I admit the riddle of the righteous man’s a saga,
Cloudy depictions differ like descriptions of Mr. Marcellus Wallace,
And sometimes you fuck up, the cookie crumbles and you’re humbled,
Just like Tony Rocky Horror,
Tumble four stories,
But I’ll make you say “what?!”
Get up, and get down,
And liberate these caged avians that’s dyin’ to spread their wings out.
Every day I wish the rain clouds would just ignore me
So I pop an umbrella, in good company,
With homies.
The Eye of Jupiter is seen by few through telescopes
Cuz most will see it firsthand,
Trying to survive tumultuous conditions.
I don’t mean to seem a misanthrope,
I just hate the system that encourages this tempest,
But I’ve learned from my mistakes and brew my own cups of coffee,
Master of my fate, winds of change blowing softly,
And I’ll weather elements with inner-strength and close my eyes
So I can walk among the stars beyond Jupiter’s Eye.

There’s a storm going on outside and inside and sometimes
‘Feel like we’re all caught in Jupiter’s Eye,
Whether you’re gettin’ by or livin’ fly,
I suggest you take the time (and fine toothed comb)
To find a reason to smile

Clev Speech: